Pizza Ratings

Rank Name Location Crust Sauce Toppings Shape Comments Crust Score Sauce Score Toppings Score Total Score Good Cold? Last Visited Share
1Jioio'sMapThink and flakeySweet, thin, and smoothPepperoni & MeatballsSquareTrue representation if pizza were a pie.4.754.754.004.50YesDecember 31, 2023Share
2Pelegrino'sMapMedium thickness, lots of corn meal, and toppings to edge.Hearty, tangy, and thickPepperoni; SausageTriangleGood topping coverage and overall a delicious pizza.4.004.754.504.50YesSeptember 29, 2023Share
3Jioio's RestaurantMapThin flaky pie crust a little gummyvery sweet and thickPepperoni & SausageSquareI prefer the Greensburg location but this can do in a pinch. Basically the same, but the cook was less than perfect4.254.754.004.25YesMarch 3, 2024Share
4Campi's PizzaMapThick and soft but not deepdish. Braided crustSweet and smoothPepperoni TrianglePurchased at the Jamestown fair, and it was so delicious 4.504.503.504.25NoSeptember 9, 2023Share
5Adrian's PizzaMapAiry, soft and freshSlightly sweet and plentifulPepperoni; SausageTriangleComplete package with lots of cheese, sauce, and enjoyable crust. 20, 2023Share
6P T's PizzaMapLight, airy, and thickSemi-sweet, smooth, and thickPepperoni; SausageTriangleSmaller pies but thicker than normal dough with puffy crust. Very good and well-made pizza4. 16, 2023Share
7Aiello's Pizza NorthMapThin but fluffy and hand tossed, flour dustedSemi-sweet with lots of herbs, smoothPepperoni & SausageTriangleA very good pizza with in-house made ingredients. Cheese and toppings were delicious. 31, 2023Share
8Luciano's Italian Brick OvenMapFresh hand tossed, flour dustedSemi-sweet and perfect amountPepperoni; SausageTriangleFresh ingredients are apparent and well balanced combination 23, 2023Share
9Conca D'Oro PizzeriaMapHand tossedSemi sweet and thickPepperoniTriangleLots of cheese and sauce. Delicious. 4.254.504.004.25YesMarch 14, 2024Share
10Olives & PeppersMapMedium thickness, corn dusted and bread like Chunky, plentiful and sweetPepperoni; SausageTriangleVery good pizza, filling and good seasoning and toppings. Hidden gem. 4.254.504.254.25YesJanuary 7, 2024Share
11Shelly Pie PizzaMapDense, doughy, and a tad undercookedTomatoey, plentiful, and plesantPepperoniTriangleVery similar to the famous Vinny pie nearby. No paper was put in box so pizza stuck to the bottom. 17, 2023Share
12A Slice of New YorkMapSemi-thin with hard edges and flour dustedThin, smooth, and semi-sweetPepperoni & SausageTriangleLarge slices and authentic NY style. The hot sausage topping was sliced like pepperoni 3.754.254.004.00YesFebruary 24, 2024Share
13Mineo'sMapHand tossed with buttery finish. Flour dusted.Thin, savory, and smoothPepperoni & SausageTriangleEntire top slides easily off base. Lots of cheese with toppings underneath.4.253.753.754.00NoMay 25, 2023Share
14Pizza Hut - The Big New YorkerMapThinner than their other crusts, and airy, but has that frozen tasteThin and sweet. Could be more of it on the piePepperoniTriangleThe best pizza from any of the national chains. While it's nothing like actual New York style pizza, it's the best option when you want a cheap sweet-sauce pie.3.754.254.004.00YesAugust 6, 2023Share
15Inferno PizzaMapHand tossed, but flat and a little denseThick, slightly chunky, and acidicPepperoni & SausageTriangleLots of sauce and good tasting toppings. A little messy to eat when hot, but overall very tasty3.754.254.004.00YesDecember 23, 2023Share
16Lucci's Pizza & PastaMapThinner NY style-ishThick and semi-sweetPepperoni & SausageTriangleSparse toppings but lots of sauce and good taste4.004.003.754.00YesFebruary 14, 2024Share
17Gino Bros Pizza ExpressMapMedium thickness, flour dusted, crispythick and heavy tomato flavor, not tart not sweetPeppersni & SausageTriangleGood pie with good sauce. Could use more cheese across the board, but all the flavors were good4. 9, 2023Share
18Lelulo's PizzeriaMapHand tossed and thin. Semi-burntSweet and tasty, but could be morePepperoniTriangleA very good sweet sauce (but not overly sweet) pizza with good toppings.3.754.254.254.00YesAugust 28, 2023Share
19MOD PizzaMapHand tossed and not overly pressedSmooth and basily Pepperoni sausageTriangleVery good crust compared to blaze. Crispy and not production tasting 6, 2023Share
20Large Plain Pizza and PintsMapSicilian thick, but not like Detroit-stylesemi-sweet and smoothSausageSquareGood dense and crispy crust. Not too thick or bready. Really similar to regular-style pizza3.754.004.004.00YesNovember 17, 2023Share
21Pizzeria UnoMapDeep dish thick and flakySemi chunky and tartPepperoniTriangleOriginal Chicago deep dish. I enjoyed just about everything about it. 4.253.504.004.00NoOctober 24, 2023Share
22Iron BornMapThick like breadHearty but a tad acidic, not too chunkyPepperoniSquareDetroit-style, really thick with the sauce on top. Very filling. 3, 2023Share
23Frothy Beard Brewing CompanyMapCrispy and hand tossed, slightly burntChunky but thin, acidic MeatManiaTriangleGood pub style pie with lots of cheese and crispy crust 4.253.754.004.00NoDecember 27, 2023Share
24Bellisario's Sicilian StyleMapThick and bread-likeSweet, spicy, and goodPepperoni & SausageSquareThick and bready pizza with a good sauce and toppings. Wish they would use this sauce on their hand-tossed pizza. 22, 2023Share
25Donna Lynn’sMapHand tossed, dense, flour dustedSparse and a little thick, tart tasteSausage & PepperoniTriangleLots of cheese and satisfying 4.003.504.003.75YesJuly 1, 2023Share
26Giuseppe’sMapNormal hand tossed flour dusted Bland and non-intrusive Meat loversTrianglePacked toppings with lots of cheese. Standard hand tossed pizza that’s good anytime. 3.503.504.003.75YesJuly 9, 2023Share
27Angelo’sMapButtery, hand tossed, and flour dustedBasic and not overpowering Pepperoni; Sausage TriangleSlightly sparse toppings, but overall a good pie. Pretty consistent. 4.003.503.753.75YesSeptember 21, 2023Share
28Papa Rocks Pizza PubMapSoft and doughy, in a good wayBarely there but just regular pizza sauce PepperoniTriangleGood all around pizza with good toppings3.503.504.003.75YesSeptember 5, 2023Share
29Sir PizzaMapThin, possibly frozen, blandThick, neutral, and plentifulSausage; Pepperoni SquareNot bad and a little different than traditional pizza. One level up from national chains. 3.253.754.003.50YesJune 19, 2023Share
30Domino's PizzaMapHand-tossed and doughythick, dark red, and acidicPepperoni & SausageTriangleGood, fast, and cheap pizza. Made fresh and tastes better than other chain pizza places.3.753.503.503.50YesFebruary 21, 2024Share
31CostcoMapFluffy and semi-thickSweet light and thinCheeseTriangle Obvious frozen taste but is a top tier food court slice. 3.753.753.003.50NoJuly 17, 2023Share
32Colangelo’sMapThick Sicilian, but softSweet but a little chunkyTiny and sparseSquareGood for being pre made and reheated 3.253.753.253.50NoJuly 21, 2023Share
33Slice on BroadwayMapThin New York style with corn meal dusting Sparse and slightly chunky PepperoniTriangleNot bad and now as thin as New York actual pizza4.003.253.503.50NoJuly 5, 2023Share
34Bellisario's RestaurantMapFluffy and hand tossed, slight flour dustingBland and thin, a bit like tomato sauce right out of the canPepperoniTriangleGood greasy hand tossed pizza. Sauce could use some sprucing up3.753.253.753.50YesAugust 22, 2023Share
35Pietro's PizzeriaMapOn the thinner side, crispy, and dryBasic, thin, and flavorlessPepperoni and Sausage TriangleNice crunch to each bite but sort of had a frozen shell vibe or pre prepared crust. Good basic pizza 14, 2023Share
36La Felice Pizza and PastaMapAiry thing and light. Small crustZesty thin and light Pepperoni & SausageTriangleGood crumbled sausage and overall enjoyable pizza3.503.003.503.25YesAugust 13, 2023Share
37Frank'sMapHand tossed, medium thickness, flour dustedThick and on the sweeter sidePepperoniTriangleTastes a little bland and related to arcade-style pizza. Not graded: excellent homemade ranch.3.003.753.003.25YesJuly 13, 2023Share
38Ginny's Neighborhood Pizza JointMapThin but not crispySmooth and lightPepperoni; SausageTriangleSlightly overcooked on top. Tasty hot sausage3.253.003.753.25YesJune 30, 2024Share
39Pizza PalermoMapHand tossed and fluffySlight spice Pepperoni TriangleStandard hand tossed pizza, nothing special 29, 2024Share
40Rising Crust PizzeriaMapNormal thickness, kind of blandPlentiful thick savory saucePepperoni & SausageTriangleNot bad overall, but something was off about it. I can't put my finger on it, but there was something about this pizza that prevents it from being a very good pie3.003.503.503.25YesOctober 7, 2023Share
41FORNELLO PIZZERIAMapmedium thickness, flour dusted, low-risebland and lightPepperoni & SausageTriangleStandard hand-tossed pie with skimpy amounts of cheese and toppings.3.503.253.253.25YesOctober 31, 2023Share
42CalienteMapBland, airy, and chewyChunky, tart, and sparsePepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Capicola, SalamiTriangleUnlike their claim, not the world's best pizza. The crust is the best thing about it.3.502.003.253.00NoJune 17, 2023Share
43Sam’s ClubMapBland and previously frozenBasic and smoothPepperoni TriangleSub-par food court pizza 2.753.003.503.00NoJuly 21, 2023Share
44Spak BrothersMapAiry but blandCheap tasting with tomato skins all through it Pepperoni TriangleTastes like grocery store pizza. Not bad not good. 2.502.253.502.75NoAugust 12, 2023Share
45Charlie's Choice PizzaMapPossibly previously frozen shellThin, acidic, and very lightly appliedPepperoni & SausageTriangleBasic pizza, probably worse than a national chain. The only saving grace was a butter/garlic flavor applied to outer crust. 27, 2024Share

Our Approach to Pizza Rating

When it comes to rating pizza, I focus on three key components: the crust, the sauce, and the toppings.
While cheese is an essential part of pizza,
it usually doesn't have a significant impact on the rating.

To determine the overall score, I calculate the average of the individual scores for the crust, sauce, and toppings. Now, the question arises: does the perfect pizza truly exist?

Worst pizza ever 0-1 · Pretty bad, but edible 1-2
Won't eat again 2-3 · Standard pizza, would eat again 3-4
My favorite pizza 4-4.5 · Nearly perfect 4.5-4.9
Reserved for the best pizza in the world 5.0

Last updated: 07/21/24

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